Brilliant Engine03/05/2010
"Mark, Your confidence in the motor is less than inspiring, but yes it is running and bloody well at that!! Took it to Cobblestones in France last weekend and it never missed a beat. It's done about 4,500 miles and has been driven very hard, but I have failed to break it!!! When it does go wrong you will be the first to know!! Runs a bit cool though, only getting to 80'c even when caned to death and when cruising at 65 sits at 60' all day long. Had an incredibly rattly gearbox after thrashing it all the way back from Amiens last year, but when I stripped it, it was fine so maybe the oil just thinned after 2 hours at 80mph+. Really I can't fault it, it has proved itself a really good touring engine, that still out does the over inflated RB boys on the motorway! Just wish the TS I tuned myself went so well, but then again that's what I pay you for!!! Anyway Mark, thanks again for a brilliant engine and next time I'm rich, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!!! All the best to you and yours, Johnny Woodall"
John Woodall
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