Lambretta Inlet manifold, large block, rubber mounted, Dellorto PHBH, PWK 24-30mm, for cutdowns and choppers, MB


This has been one of our most popular inlet manifolds over the years.

It is for fitting a rubber mounted 28 or 30mm Dellorto PHBH, 28 or 30mm PWK type carburettors to a 200cc cast type oval port cylinder.

This is a retro version which points more to the front of the Scooter giving it a bit of a ram air effect - ideal for cutdowns, choppers and with holes in the sidepanel.

It comes with a long stainless steel bolt to replace the long inlet stud, otherwise it is very hard to fit the manifold without dropping the engine.


£ 30.60
Price: £ 25.50 Ex Vat

Development History

  • Mark Broadhurst has designed and manufactured more inlet manifolds to suit Lambretta scooters than anyone else.
  • Developed over time to suit various carburettors used on Lambrettas for different applications.
  • Designed to clear all frame, engine and body parts.
  • Reshaped to clear panels.

Reasons to Buy

  • Tried and tested.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Fits many carb applications.
  • As used by most dealers around the world for over 20+ years.


  • Either use an inlet gasket or Silicone sealer to seal the manifold.
  • Match the inlet manifold to inlet port and inlet port to inlet manifold for better results.
  • Tighten inlet screws together.
  • On early head cowls the scoop will need flattening to clear the carbs float bowl

Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Chris B 22 Jul 2010 

reasonably priced, pleanty of additional alloy to allow for tuning/ manifold matching options. well designed


5 star 3. Neil D 21 Jan 2017 

Excellent service and quality part

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Nico on 31 Oct 2015 asked "hello, I can mount a remote filter without cutting the panel? i have rapido race 225 phbh 30"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Hi yes should be fine but some frame are different. One fits one is tight, you could look at our flat panel filter if its a tight fit

Gian on 14 Oct 2015 asked "Hi mark! I want to use this manifold for a 200 barrel, this one works also wit a 26 PHBH dellorto's carb?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes this is the same rubber mounting

Wesley on 27 Feb 2010 asked "I have a question about "Carb inlet manifold for 30mm Dellortos, 200 - 250, MRB" I have a whole cute in my side pannel that matches a standard carb setup, will this manifold change the position of the carb."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: To be honest without trying it I am not sure.

Mitch on 27 Jun 2009 asked "I have a question about "Carb inlet manifold for 30mm Dellortos, 200 - 250, MRB" Is this the one that kicks the carrb to the left, when viewed, to miss the long range tank? Regards Mitch"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This manifold comes out on the standard left hand side, if the petrol tank is any good it will clear.

Fabio on 02 Mar 2009 asked "I have a question about "Carb inlet manifold for 30mm Dellortos, 200 - 250, MRB" Is it compliant with the Dellorto VHST 28 (36mm engine)? Can you provide the gasket and connecting rubber for this inlet manifold? What do you think about this setup carb for a 200cc stage 4 with clubman exhaust? Best regards Fabio"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If the spigot on the back of the carb is 36mm then this manifold will fit.

We can provide the rubber mount and the gasket, they have been added to the related products for this manifold.

The carb should work OK but we haven't used the VHST yet so cannot provide any help with jetting.

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