Lambretta Gasket, cylinder base packing (packer) plate, large block, 0.5mm, MB


0.3mm 200/225/230/240/250 large block cylinder packing plate / cylinder base gasket.

Made from stronger alloy and designed by Mark Broadhurst as a more reliable replacement to a standard type fibre gasket.

Larger surface area to suit all known large block cylinders with standard or large transfer areas.

Comes with standard transfer cutouts but can be easily opened to suit your cylinder.

£ 5.52
Price: £ 4.60 Ex Vat


Lightly rub each side with Scotchbrite or wet and dry before fitting, then silicone seal each side to ensure a perfect seal.

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5 star 1. Tony b 12 Jan 2018 

good quality gasket to fit RB-225 i had to file the gasket to fit my RB-250 they would be better if they were pressed out of the Alloy to fit the correct Cylinder to save a lot of time but apart from that they are good gaskets

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