Lambretta Front shock absorber (shocker, damper) Steel Grey, adjustable, pair, bgm

OEM: bgm7775

Steel Grey bgm front shockers (dampers) with compression and 16 stage rebound adjustment.

Designed to use with normal Lambretta springs ideal for MB 3 stage progressive fork springs.

Easy fit direct onto standard damper mounts no welding or jigging up required.

Ideal to use in conjunction with BGM rear dampers.

NOTE ........ Fit the adjuster screw to the bottom for these dampers to work correctly.

£ 163.75
Price: £ 136.46 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. SRP R 08 Jun 2009 

These fronts are superb. We used them for the first time on the track this week and the set up options they offer are great. Our two ridders have about 35kg difference in weight and both of us found they improved the feel of the front end, they worked well under breaking and improved stability on the fast, flowing corners at Mallory Park. Mark thanks for your help and advice - excellent product highly recommended!!


5 star 2. Julie K 28 Jun 2009 

We gave the chap we sponsor - Paul Green a pair to try! On reporting back to us he was well impressed with both the look and the preformance given by them. Not only doing the job they were actually created for but giving confidence to his riding ability throughout. Well done on bringing preformance, safety and reliability to the UK via BGM products!


5 star 3. Terry S 22 Jan 2013 

As soon as I opened the box I was impressed, what a quality bit of kit. The difference compared to the standard dampers I had on previously was unbelievable, the handling is massively improved and gives a 100% better riding experience, total quality. These are the fourth BGM item I have purchased and I have been impressed with each item purchased.


5 star 4. Adrian M 20 Mar 2013 

Just bought and fitted a pair of these brilliant dampers!! These really work!! I restored my Li 150 Special over two years ago to TS1 225 spec. Hydraulic front disc etc. Being a reborn scooterist I had to learn who to buy from and who NOT to buy from. So, I bought some silver painted "original type" front dampers from somewhere - they were so weak a child of 5 years old could open and close them! My next purchase was ESCORT chromed front dampers - these were better but bump (compression) was weak whilst rebound (extending) was stiff. By now I had heard many good things about these BGM front dampers and WOW they really do work properly and definitely do adjust over about 16 clicks from soft to stiff. I am starting out with them on the soft setting and can't wait to get out on the scoot to feel the difference. They can be adjusted by hand whilst they are fitted! Well done Mr B for selling another top quality product - long may it continue, Thanks a lot.


5 star 5. Bruce N 28 Nov 2017 

Fab addition to the front end of my scoot. Smooth damping. 4.5 stars, only because they could do with the mounting bolts in the box....

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Maz on 05 Jul 2018 asked "do thes come with an adaptor to fit 9mm serveta forks studs"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The bushes need need drilling out to suit

Paul on 14 Nov 2012 asked "Hi, will these still fit with a frank sanderson single disc anti dive sip rim disc brake, looks like weld on tab/tie bar may foul. Cheers Paul"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no idea we don't work with them, I'm sure Frank will know

Marko p on 16 Jan 2010 asked "Hi Fellas! Which way round are BGM front shocks supposed to be fitted?? Ive put mine on with the"Thin" part(adjuster end) at the bottom..But Ive started seeing a few scoots about with them fitted the other way round, also my local dealer recommend fitting them "Fat end to bottom" to stop brake dust clogging up the moving parts! Help???? Cheers!!"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It says in the description.

Dave S on 23 May 2009 asked "I have a question about "Front shockers, BGM type, pair. BGM" Although I've just put in an order for some of these dampers from you, can you tell me which way up they are to be fitted on the scooter and if fork gators are advisable on the open sections of them ? These are to be used on a 1966 S3 LI Special (2265 Mugello) along with a BGM 180lb rear shock I've also ordered from you which appears to be a direct upgrade replacement for my current Escort shock which is also 295mm eye to eye."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The word from the manufacturers is they work with the adjuster screw at the bottom. I have not looked into a fork gators, sorry.

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