Zundapp Bella, Hex frame bolt kits, R204, stainless steel, MB


All Bellas use these to fasten basically everything on from the running boards to the brake, gear pedal and exhaust.

The originals are always rusting been in the position they are. Paint or powder coat them and you have to file them to make fit and they rust again.

Here we have remade them in stainless steel, the threads are as original 12 x 1.75mm which is an oddball thread.

We've slightly increased the length of the bar to help fitting, the nuts are slightly redesigned so you can actually get to them when fitted in position unlike standard items and each end is finished up with a stainless spring washer.

A must for all Bellas Scooters.

Long - 310mm front bar, fits

  • R204

Short - 282mm rear bar, fits

  • R204, R203

As and when we can confirm other models, we will.

Comes as a pair for front (long) and rear (short) and the nuts suit front and rear fitting.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst.

£ 28.13
Price: £ 23.44 Ex Vat


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